Splitting fields WWYD


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30 June 2008
So i've just split my geldings field in half for the summer as he has been in the whole lot for the winter. He has EMS and had no lami for 3 years so is well controlled and is in a decent amount of work.

There is not much grass in his field just now so I am wary of overgrazing his paddock. Is it best to

1.rest half of his field for the whole summer then put him in this half for winter and the rest the other half over winter.
2. rest half of his field till the grass is fairly long then strip graze this half then move back into original half and continue to do this throughout this summer. then he can have the full field again for the winter.
3. move him between the two halfs every 2-3 weeks then he can have the full field for winter.

can you let me know what you would do? Previously I was at a yard where the fields rotated evry 3 months but at new yard we just get the one field to do what we want with. but if we trash in summer they stand in a boggy field in winter. so obviously not ideal

Mince Pie

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13 June 2011
How big is the field and what soil are you on? Depending on this I'd either choose option 1 or 2 :)