Stallion HOTLINE - opinions please


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29 August 2008
HOTLINE: Anyone seen this stallion in the flesh? Is he as mega in real life as he looks on video? What are his good/bad points and has anyone known any of his offspring? I have seen some which looked lovely but never handled any.

Thoughts please!


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22 May 2007
Warwickshire, England
Well I have seen him in the flesh and I love him, always have done

But I know some people havent been blown away by his foals as they tend to be a little plain and goos solid types. But having said that in his defence he has been used on a lot of mares with no blood close up in their pedigree, as I guess the breeders were hoping he would pass on a lot of Trakehner type and in some cases it didnt work so the foals were a little plain.
I would still use him on a blood type mare with a pretty head though.
Here lots of thumbs up for the great temperament his foals seem to have, with good bone and power. I think yiu just need to expect they might not be pretty foals and pretty does tend to sell.
I only say it online but watched the Oldenburg licensing recently, the Hotline colt that went premium I liked an awful lot

Oh yes and I think he will tend to add length of leg too.

I would use him for sure but I am also a big fan of Hofrat so maybe I am a little bias to that type


27 November 2009
Yes have seen him,and used him , he is lovely, but i think has to be used on a certain type off mare, temperaments brilliant, throws big foals, needs a blood type off mare not typical warmblood mare, alot off his foals very ordinary, i think will be late maturers, as i think he will be .