Starting eventing


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19 December 2005
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Just wondering if anyone can give me a few tips about getting into eventing.

I would only plan on doing intro stuff, as I'm not a very brave rider, and horse isnt exceptionally talented.

Anyway horse in question is a 16.3 tb x (about 3/4 tb I think), so has the right breeding for the job.

Biggest thing I really need help with, is what is the best routine for him work wise over winter. He is on working livery at a riding school (mainly hacking) which gives him about 6 - 10 hours worth of work a week (including when I ride him atm).

I have the use of an indoor school over winter, and I will only be able to ride in the (dark) evenings. He needs lots of work to improve his bending, as I dont think he has ever been round a course of jumps. I have tried with him, and he didnt have a clue what to do.

Can anyone suggest a work/fitness regime that would help him to get where I want to go.

I intend to take him to some show jumping, x/c schooling etc next spring, but want to make sure that it is worthwhile for both of us.



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20 July 2005
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Fitness wise he will have no problems with amount of work he is doing.

You need to work on his flatwork and do lots of exercises to supple him and get him listening to you. The test at Intro is quite straightforward so practice simple transition and circles making sure he is listening to you and going forward into both hands.

Jumping sounds where you need to do the most work. Start with the basics and get him popping through simple grids. As you flatwork progresses introduce related distance and turning exercises. Keep it small and smple to build confidence. Try if you can to go to some small SJ competitions to get some practice.

If possible get some lessons both on the flat and over jumps. If yyou can get someone to help you right from the beginning you will find it easier to progress correctly. Someone on the ground can really pick up problems and correct mistakes and make a huge difference.


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1 October 2006
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Hi there
I've also just started eventing in South Africa and you will need as much practise as you can get (for ur horse 2!)
For the cross country phase focus on going as fast as you can but still in control of ur horse. Also go to as many practise shows as u can, as the atmosphere at an event is very stressful.
Hope this helps