Stem cell in suspensorys HELP!!


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12 January 2021
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Hope you lovely lot can help!!

6 weeks ago my girl got diagnosed with bilateral hind limb holes, fibre disruption and inflammation.

-back xrayd, no kissing spine
-hind feet xrayd, she’s was at 8 weeks when they got taken due to my farrier having his baby so she was 3 weeks over due. They presented flat.
-cannon bones xrayd, nothing to note.

She is hardly lame but the vet thinks she came sound after the suspensorys had been blocked. We then followed with the ultra sound scans.

As in most cases this is the basic story as this has been rumbling away since I bought her 18 months ago. (She was 5 stage vetted).

Shes holding loads of body tension and presently with a sore SI. She’s subsequently having regular body work and chiro and i am very strict at doing all the stretches and I am seeing lots of improvement.

During diagnosis my vet practice has shut meaning I had to move else where which hasn’t been ideal and now having to get the new vet up to speed with the whole story, it’s pretty long!! They have a good rep and they do stem cell in house so I feel like I am in good hands.

Now my real questions is:

Has anyone with the same level of damage had stem cell? My vet believes she isn’t a candidate (she has also sort opinion from other vets) but after being on the PSD fb group I really think stem cell followed up with indiba would be our best course of action. I do not wish to do surgery and feel my options are limited, she’s insured so I can’t just turn her Away for a year. My new vet thinks she’s also got compartmental syndrome due to the inflammation. Shes coming out tomorrow to do her own scans and to see her move plus to see if there has been any changes in the 6 weeks as she’s been on restricted 4 hours small quiet pen turnout and arc on daily. She has said she would be happy to talk to Roger smith from the RVC once she has her own set of scans.

I can’t seem to find people who have been in my situation and had stem cell. Everytime I go looking everyone has had big hole but not multiple.

Any friendly advice would be greatly appreciated as you can probably imagine I am pulling my hair out and going grey by the day!! I also know I need to look at the whole horse as this doesn’t just come on it own but I think I have found all the problems.


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12 September 2015
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Hello my friends horse had stem cell therapy for suspensory issues box rest etc, sadly he broke again within 2 weeks of starting work again. My boy had lazer therapy and made a full recovery despite vets thinking he would be a write off. I also used homeopathy pills bought online from a natural horse supplies online cheap as chips and I think they helped too. Good luck ?