still lookin for a ride for this season, it's not goin well


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26 April 2009
i am feeling very down at the moment, still have nothing to take BD this season, i have enquired about a couple but they seem to have found riders and be busily bonding with them. I made a fatal mistake of taking up my 'friends' offer of a ride on one he has in for selling, i say 'friend' as i think he was trying to stitch me up for a sale! Well, i instantly fell in love with a big moving german warmblood, manners to burn and paces to die for. my friend drops in the convo how much the owner wants, its reasonable...... oh no, i am contemplating taking him home!
So i have spent the last week in a deep depression because i cannot afford to pay livery for 2 horses! even looked at other yards, still can't afford it, but i desperately want him!!!!
To be honest do i desperately want HIM or just something to ride? i don't know but i am totally in love and its hopeless cos the sums don't add up. then 5 mins ago my phone rings and its my friend (who has an indoor and is not affected by the snow) sayin, when are you comin down to ride the warmblood again? i know i am torturing myself but i arranged to go again!
i need a fairy god mother. Any applicants????


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27 October 2005
Ooops! Big mistake. Well, you could always take on a part time job to pay for the livery. Just a thought. ;-)