struggling with ice - boot recommendation


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4 March 2008
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Since this weather in now forecast for another week with even worse temperatures and more snow I thought some people with icy yards like me could do with a boot recommendation.

I bought some fly fishing boots, designed for climbing over slippery rocks. They have a spongy sole which you can buy studs to screw into and are completely waterproof rubberized canvas. They are absolutely amazing on ice and packed snow and I can honestly say that they have made my outdoor chores much, much easier. And given me so much confidence that I am not going to break my ankle at any moment.

The boots and studs can be bought on eBay. I have men's 6 size and I normal take womens 6 and a 1/2. They are too big, but cork insoles and two pairs of walking socks make them work fine and they are surprisingly comfortable, enough to walk to my friend's party 3 miles away in them last night.

Hope that helps someone!