stubborn mare has given in!!


19 June 2006
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hi everyone,
I don't no whether u remember but i posted a few weeks a go about my mare lynx who was very reluctant to work in an outline and over her back.
Well I have recently got a new job at a well known yard in my area and she has come with me and the head groom there was very happy to help me get her working properly. I had a lesson on the other week after a few lungeing sessions with the head groom and she saw that we were having problems (although she was better than before) and she got on her and we now have a totally different horse!!!
The head groom recons that most of the trouble we had was lynx being a stubborn mare thinking she knows best and me not having the confidence to tell her who is boss. I know have that confidence and it's like riding a new horse, she is so soft and relaxed and were going to our first show on sunday!!!! will let u know how we get on!!!