Supplement for healthy coat/skin/hooves?


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3 November 2012
I have a little connie mare who is currently on one double netted net of hay a night and literally a handful topchop(?) unmolassed chaff when the others get feed in the evening. She's out in the field on fairly decent grazing during the day.

I'm wondering what people would advise supplement type wise to keep her skin, coat and hooves in good nick? She's currently quite scurfy but that's partially because she's moulting. She's also barefoot which i am to keep her as, but we're starting doing more roadwork so want to keep them strong.
Usually I'd be adding some oil for her skin and coat but I'm worried it may be too much for her fat/ energy wise- neither of which she needs any of!

I was looking into biotin but the general consensus is unless they're actually deficient it's a waste of time/money so I'm now a bit lost as to what to give her.

Any ideas on what to give her? If I need to worry about adding anything at all! There's no big problem, I just want to make sure she has everything she needs as she's living off nearly thin air at the moment!


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24 April 2014
Bristol, UK
You could try linseed conditioner or pre-cooked meal instead of straight oil if you'd prefer. They are normally still high in oils as the oils are what gives the horse's coat the shine, although personally I think linseed whether in oils, boiled or in conditioner is by far the best compared to cheaper oils and so you could use less in your ponies feed. May be interesting, although I recommend asking a nutritionist or your vet next time they come to the yard :)
Also if she's not turned out in bad weather give her a bath using washing up liquid (fairy platinum is amazing). This will give her coat a soft and shiny finish, but will take all the grease out of her coat so wouldn't be advisable if she goes out in all weather. Also there's lots of coat sprays you can buy.
Also avoid using hoof oil as will dry the hooves out but some conditioners (normally Vaseline based or similar) can be good, although maybe ask your farrier next time he comes to do your ponies feet as they will be able to advise personally on her feet.
Hope this helps :)


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23 June 2009
A good quality balancer and micronised linseed.

ps. Feed the balancer at recommended levels.
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