tenoscopy op today :(


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3 August 2009
Up North
Hi all,
Horse had his op today. He had a tenoscopy on tendon sheath and annular ligament cut.
Vet says prognosis is only fair due to the amount of adhesions/scar tissue within the tendon sheath, he couldn't get it all out and the tenoscopy was difficult.
He cut the annular ligament from the outside.
The plan is now to walk out over poles etc to prevent further adhesions as it heals, and cross our fingers...

I am rather gutted to say the least, he's a lovely horse and I was hoping to have him back just as a happy hack. As he was he wasn't 'field sound' so hopefully he'll be at least that.
Does anyone have any helpful advice or anything else I can try?
Horse was operated on as a final resort - tried box rest, bute, but each time he was turned out he went lame again. Hence the adhesions :( I am exceeding peeved as the initial diagnosis was 'something in his foot' and that's what he had initial care for. He is also arthritic and so box rest was a last resort too. If the vet had figured out it was his fetlock not his foot and scanned him early on then it might have been a different situation... :(
grumble grumble :(

Would physio help? Any other alternative procedures? Magical potions?


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13 August 2009
sorry to hear that - is never good to get mixed messages (even if inadvertent) from the vet.

yes physiotherapy definitely should be worth a try - can help with rehab from injuries. Massage, acupuncture, homeopathy and laser therapy can all help with tendon injuries.

maybe worth getting a second opinion (if you feel necessary) from a vet who specialises in holistic therapies - there aren't that many about, but some do travel.



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28 June 2013
Hi sorry cant offer you any advice but my horse had bursoscopy which i think is a very similar procedure to what yours has had on his DDFT 6 weeks ago he has been on box rest for 8 weeks and is still unsound. I walk him for 5 minutes twice daily and he has raised shoes on. I am starting to feel more and more hopeless that he will return to normal he is only 6 which makes it even worse. Good luck with yours though and keep us updated I would like to hear how he gets on.