The best laid plans etc


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1 May 2010
Rothbury Northumberland
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What a bloomin day, my plans were, after working hard yesterday, to chill out and have a horsy day, you know the type, grooming, having a hack along a new found bridle path, getting horses a much needed bath, not to be unfortunately, my OH's head took on a life of it's own, one half swelling so much, he couldn't open his eye, resulting in a day spent in not one but two hospitals, the original A&E refering OH to an eye specialiist at Newcastles RVI, eight hours spent either in hospitals or travelling between, also complicated by the grandson locking himself in the trailer, last thing I needed, sitting in the hospital with OH's allergic reaction to meds.
Sitting here now, recapping on my day, exhausted, not sure wether to laugh or cry, have to get up extra early to catch up on work stuff but tomorrows another day and everyone is going to live another day, good result all things considered.
Totally pointless post, just needed to let go