The needle lady came the spooky pony.


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26 November 2008
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Today, the needle lady came back!

I've been staying in the sucky-grass pony-jail for a few days now, with a bossy mare for company during the day. Last night, they surprised me by putting my friend that noodle-headed arab in there with me too! I really like him (although he's a bit too clingy; he keeps screaming if I leave the field). He said he was in there because his foot was a bit ouchy, but honestly, he was jumping around so much, I'm not sure I believe him.

Anyway, so pony-jail wasn't so bad last night. This afternoon, the carrot-lady came to get me out, and I thought I'd be getting more food, so I came in a big hurry...but no, it was the needle-lady.

She looked at my leg, and I shifted sideways lots so she'd get that I didn't want her to touch it, and then I had to walk across the yard and back (what's the point of that then? I could have just stayed put!). Actually, they wanted me to TROT back. Seriously, there was no need to chase me with the bendy flappy stick, really! Walking will get me there only a little bit slower than trotting!

Then, the needle-lady prodded at my neck a bit and said something about "less cresty". What's a grazing muzzle? I think I'd rather stay in pony jail! But then she said it probably wasn't necessary...have I had a narrow escape? I don't LIKE things stopping me from eating! EATING IS GOOD!!

After the needle-lady left (thankfully no needles today, yay!), the carrot lady got out my saddle and bridle. I was pretty excited to get going; it's about time! We went through the woods, and she got mad at me just because I wanted to taste a tree. It's not fair!

Then we got to the big square place with a roof, and she kept getting me to go in different directions and stop and go and stuff. It was really hard, especially when I had to go sideways, and I had to concentrate an awful lot. So it was nice to go for a good long trot through the woods again afterwards.

And when we got home, there was FOOD! Yes! With carrots! After that, she came at my hurty leg again (she still hasn't learned, stupid carrot-lady), so I hopped sideways again, but actually it was ok this time, because the water was really warm, and that was actually very nice! The goo she put on afterwards didn't hurt, either.

So in the end, today didn't suck so much. But I'm a little bit worried: she said the antibiotics are gone now, and that means I don't need any more feeds. Surely she can't be serious?