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8 June 2019
Hi All,
Doing some market research before I commit. If a designated therapy centre for horses was started in S Wales, would it be well supported? Looking at a 'therapy' paddock with permanent beneficial obstacles that can be ridden, lunged, long reined over (in coordination with an ACPAT physio). Included would be water, slopes, raised obstacles that would help those with tendon/ligament, hock, stifle, KS, issues etc, as well as helping horses to engage their abdominals and hindquarters. This would all be supported by the physio, and sports massage therapist following a programme designed specifically for that horse. As well as the groundwork, Theraplate sessions would also be offered alongside,and appropriate therapy products. If this was to be of interest, what sort of price would you be willing to pay for individual Theraplate sessions, Therapy paddock use, or as a package? Any help, opinions gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

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9 July 2011
It sounds interesting and just what I wanted when rehabbing one of mine with a SI injury but I am not sure I would have used it because of the cost and commitment involved to use it enough to be of any real benefit unless the horse was also at livery for a while, mine did something twice a day to get him working correctly and I set up various obstacles around the yard, in the field and school for the purpose, going somewhere off site may have helped the process but doing it at home and having the physio come to me was a more realistic option and I expect it would be for most owners.
You could hold clinics, owners do not always know what to work on or how to get improvement to the horses core, which may be a way to gain interest but as a stand alone business I think you may struggle without offering a livery option and having very good contacts to get clients coming in, vets do not usually advise on how to do the rehab leaving owners to muddle along as best they can and often don't even recommend physio unless the owner asks if it would help.
I think I would combine it with a track livery which is gaining popularity and try to mix the two if setting up a completely new business.


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8 February 2018
Have you looked at Vale Equine Rehabilitation? This was set up a few years ago. Bethan is good at what she does, I don't know how successful the "residential" side has been.