Tracing my pony's history


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17 February 2009
I would really like to find out more info about Nevada, he is dark bay around 13.3hh with a blaze and 2 white socks. I know he came from germany as all his passports in german but it has next to no information, it only has born january 1996 with no dam or sire written down, no breeder written down. I think he was a failed attempt at a German sports pony because he has terrible conformation ( I think because of this someone when he was still quite young ticked a box to say that he would be used for human consumption so that might be why theres hardly any info)
and his passports got german sports something written on it. I believe he was imported from Germany sometime ago and a couple of years ago he was bought from john whinnett by his owners. I have searched on NED but there is hardly any information and on the BSJA theres not much either. His passported name is Nevada 86 and his BSJA name is Nevada V. so if you know of have any other ideas of finding info