Trivia - Dodson and Horrel add.


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7 October 2004
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I'm trying to watch the H&Country video streaming of the XC from Aus, it keeps cutting out meaning I have now seen the add for a product that is unavailable here! More times than I can count!! So here is a quiz to see how well you know the add, NO Cheating !!! =)-

- What is the add for?
- How many poles are there on/in the fence jumped at the
- How many people includng the rider are in the arena?
- How many horses are in the stables?
- What are the facial markings of the far horse?
- What colour are the 2 horses cantering up the hill?
- What is the sex of their riders?
- How many sacks are in the final shot?
- What are they standing on?
- Name the colours of the sacks.
BONUS: Name the background track.
Answers will be posted in a day or two, good luck =).