Update on Kissing Spines


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25 June 2001
Shropshire/Worcs. borders
Well - we had a day of it yesterday. Snoopy had steroids injected into the relevant areas - and will restart working - using Visconte Simon Cocozza's ideas - in a week.

Didn't have time to have another look at Lucy (who had surgery last year.)

But Linus ..... (4 year old we had JUST started backing but who had become dangerous walking to the manege) got a clean bill of spinal health!!! (So maybe a gap in his brain - or maybe his perceived pain is related to muscles or tendons.) With the aid of dope and iv bute, we got him to the manege and the vet watched him on the lunge (he behaved.) NO unsoundness was apparent and he went better than the last time lunged.) So the plan for him is 10 days of bute and using a modest dose of Sedalin to get him working - and see how he goes.
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