Upsall Grange Report


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20 January 2009
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Well we did the 2ft10 class at upsall grange today which is our biggest to date although probably small to lots of you peeps. It's the most technical course she has seen to date so I was really nervous last night after walking the course and was thinking of missing jumps out and all sorts. I calmed myself down by this morning though and was reasonably chilled on the way down.

Got there got her ready and got on- no studs as madam put up a fun performance last night when I tried to clean out stud holes, why I took the sleepers out I don't know. Took her over to the warm up ring and in the first 30 seconds she had run off in canter, gone sideways and bronced, however fortunately for my sanity she calmed down after about 15mins and jumped the warm ups nicely.

She set off on the course really positively but was hesitant at most of the jumps so we did get a stop at the owls hole jump and the corner, but considering it was her first attempt at a corner I was happy with her popping it on her second attempt, she jumped the spooky mushrooms and the mini half coffin she jumped the skinnies AND did her first ever trakhener (sp?) (see link for pics of this

We finished with prob 3 refusals as she wasn't sure about the drop towards the water and took a step back but all in all I'm chuffed to bits as this was by far the most technical and tallest course she's been round and the stops were more 'I need to have a good look at this' than malicious and if I had trotted she would probably gone first time- learning curve for me. So thats me happy and getting worryingly into this cross country considering I always said I would never do it

Here are the pics of her 1st trakenher (sp?) there are some more to the left. I think the relief on my face when I land is quite amusing lol.