Using white vinegar??


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20 March 2008
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My loan mare many many years ago (before I knew the owner) had a lump come up on her side, which spread to cover the whole of her RHS. Eventually, it 'exploded' almost killing her. To this day the vets don't know what it was, but she recovered fully.

She now has a large scar up her side with a small soft lump at the bottom (which has always been present).

Occasionally, when she goes on to spring grass this lump turns hard, and her teat/s swell up and so does a lump in front of the teats.

Usually, 10 days of antibiotics clears this up (I cannot remember the name right now but if anybody wishes to know i can look at the box in my car).

This year they have not worked and the lump is still present. She is eating/drinking/pooing etc fine, and is very full of herself!

Whilst waiting until the vet is able to come and see her somebody suggested rubbing white vinegar in the lump to decrease the pressure?

Has anybody heard of this? Or had experience of this? Hopefully the vet will be able to enlighten us, but seeing as they've never been able to diagnose it before I am not hopeful.

Thank you...