Very experienced rider looking for a horse to ride in London


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16 April 2016
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I'm looking for a horse share or horse to ride once or twice a week in London. I live in Brixton so need a yard not too far away from there. I am a very competent rider. I have my stage 3 riding and care and studied horse science for 2 years at hadlow college. I also competed in showjumping and eventing on my own ponies growing up and worked with horses for 5 years (people used to pay me to ride) before I went travelling a few years ago and haven't ridden since so I maybe a bit rusty. Really excited to get back in the saddle again. I'd happily exchange a ride for mucking out etc.
Please contact me if we can come to some kind of arrangement.
I'm 5ft 7 and weight 10st.
Much appreciated!


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17 June 2012
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Years ago (late 60's early 70's!) I shared liveries with an ex racer in Roehampton Park and an ex eventer on Wimbledon common. I even rode the Wimbledon stabled one around Robin Hood roundabout to get to Roehampton one time. I think I found them in the personal column of the Times........... remember this???? Any way, there may well be similar horses seeking experienced riders/sharers at any of the riding school/livery yards around London. Check out your nearest stables. Also it used to be possible to exercise the Army horses from either one of the barracks. Hopefully some one from here will contact you with a potential ride.