Vet recommendations in North Yorks/Co Durham


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27 July 2012
The foothills of the North Yorks Moors.
I hope I am allowed to post this. Please p.m. me responses if you feel posting them would contravene the HHO Forum guidelines for recommendations:

I am looking for recommendations, please, for barefoot amenable/friendly/tolerant/understanding equine vets (specifically, please, not large animal practitioners) in North Yorks/Co. Durham Borders. We moved here in Jan and I haven't needed one. Of course the sensible thing to do would have been to have signed up when we got here. I intended to, had made enquiries, and selected one. However, that was before I removed her shoes. I have subsequently found out that they, and their near neighbours, are not very amenable to the barefoot approach. Whilst I am the first to say if a horse requires conventional medicine for pain, give it, I don't want a fight on my hands should the dreaded 'N' word, or DDFT or other scary acronyms get bandied around. Thank you very much.