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Wanting legal advice

Bob notacob

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15 February 2018
You seriously have to have hard evidence to succeed .its NOT ENOUGH TO FEEL MORALLY RIGHT, It also has to be worth the mental strain and anger. I have dragged more than my share through the courts ,all the way up to the master of the rolls. I did what I had to ,but ultimately I wonder if I would have fared better by letting things go. Not in my nature unfortunately. Got some good reviews in the all England law review.
24 May 2020
Weigh up the the effort versus the possible outcome. The BHS can give some advice. Unfortunately, as said above, the law is not moral; it is a process by which whomever argues better can win. It can also be dependant on perspective and interpretation of the law by whomever is adjudicating etc. I think that if you are able to risk assess for yourself in terms of your own health, wealth and well being, be able to see it as just a process, do your emotions then do your considered response, enjoy the process of standing up for yourself in a measured sensible way, then you will be fine. Those involved from the legal side do not get emotional and see it just as a job. It is those that feel they have been wronged that often complicate things by looking at things through the moral/emotional lens. I have done several Ombudsman/small claims - I have won and lost. The wins were worth the effort - the losses were frustrating but worth the effort knowing at least I stood up and was counted. I did not agree with the outcome but there again, when I won, the other party probably did not agree with the outcome. Now, I would consider pursuing if deep down I could not let it go - of course, financially it has to be viable and so using the legal arms of your insurance policy etc can be useful, however they have limited resource and often the quality of experience can be variable.