We breed some lovely geldings in this country and then leave their balls on.......


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1 March 2016
As IHW and The Mule know - nothing 🤯 me quicker than people breeding for colour.
I'm not a fan of it at all either, they popped up in a group I joined whilst I was horse hunting and I'd say there was no reason to use them as a stallion other than the colour- one of them in particular I felt had less than ideal conformation in his back end, but was apparently graded and praised by the AES!

I've no doubt people will put them to less than perfect mares and produce horses that have nothing going for them other than being a flashy colour.


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23 November 2019
and freeze frame some of the amazing specimens........

At least Matthew Wright will compete his stallions and get them out when they are the right age. They are everything they should be - Well produced, not protected, great breeding and well put together aka shouldn't be a gelding.
to be honest, i kinda regret gelding my boy as his breeding is lovely and he’d have made a great stallion - but keeping him whole totally didnt fit into my plans and facilities, nor experience.
I got him from a guy who took time to select a really good stallion and mare for breeding.

Yet inversely, i guess in the breeding world there’s a lot as op is stating, that should've been gelded. Im no expert at all, but find the industry fascinating.