Weatherbeeta Kool Coat Airstream Combo - Update


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30 May 2007
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For those who asked.
Bought on Ebay and arrived at lightning speed, then had to wait days while we had torrential rain and the full on turnout came back out.
Was pleased with the fit, lots of attention to important points, but quite surprised by single basic surcingle, although have grown to rather like it. Generous sizing - could have got away with a size smaller, but my mare is fine and between sizes, so...
She lives out and rolls for England but it sits nicely in place and everything is staying done up/attached as and where it should, including her mane!
Not a true fly rug, doesn't fit close enough by design, but is definitely exactly what I wanted. Lightly showerproof, tough, cool rug for wimpy horse who lives out whatever comes, too far away for me to be dashing up and down changing rugs every time a cloud passes.

Due to the surcingle arrangement, the rug gives the horse a butterfly-like appearance in the wind! Luckily, the bit that blows up is the fine mesh part, so didn't spook anyone (including the wearer), and the rug itself stays safely in place.
Now need to see whether it stands the test of time.


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4 June 2008
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i LOVE this rug!!
It sort of provides them with their own shade so even the heavies at my yard don't sweat.
Best buy for summer