West oak stud

16 September 2021
Hi All

Has anyone had any dealings with West Oak Stud? I think they were originally near Chesterfield but now looks like they have moved somewhere in Northumberland.

They had a mare I bred a few years ago. I sold her on and she ended up at the stud as a broodmare following an injury, and subsequently was put to sleep after the foal was weaned. The story from the Stud seemed a little far fetched regarding her passing.

I've been following them now for a while on facebook and their website and they seem to have a high turnover of mares.
9 March 2011
Tiny farm some where in UK
I saw thread title and hoped it wasn't something like this 🙈. I know 3 separate people who have bought 4 separate foals, the dams of which were all PTS with laminitis at weaning. It could be a dreadful co incidence of course, but has never sat well with me. Can I ask what the reason for your mare being PTS was?


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6 February 2019
Interesting so I went to view a house they used to own . They seems to be the west oak that moved to Northumberland. They agent did say that they where selling it for an early man in Northumberland . Then there was someone else who has a stallion by them name was something of west oak . They also rented the property after the original stud left . My god the property was a state stables full of asbestos. The neighbourhoods said that for years and years they had broodmares and foals on the property and that they weren’t well cared for and that the land was over crowded. But this could just be a rumour it may also not have been the original stud or vice verse . Sorry to hear about your mare