Weston Lawns 3 day show report - serious case of four faultitis!


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13 June 2007
On friday we packed up the lorry and horses for my first away show of the year, as well as my first away show with the two boys AND wester first ever stay away - so lots of firsts!!

I was massively nervous when i woke up on saturday but both the boys seem to of taken things in their stride. I had wester first in the 90cm open. He warmed up really well and continued to jump well, going clear in the first round but then having one down in the JO. Still i was pretty pleased.
On to Arctic in the 1.15 and i was still VERY nervous... it showed as he as pretty uptight when i warmed up (i think it was more me, than him) but soon enough we were called and off i went. The first three or four jumped really well, but taking the inside line to the fifth (it was a speed class) i totally failed to see a stride and Arctic tried to sort things out...however it was all a bit too late and he crashed through it instead
VERY honest ponio, and jumped the rest clear, so still pretty happy.

Onto the second day and i was still a bit nervous...things had changed around a bit due to the age classes and big classes, so i had to jump Wester on grass and Arctic in the small ring. I hadn't realised and had to hunt around for some studs and something to do the stud holes with... but eventually we were ready and once again he warmed up really well. What can i say - he was a little star and jumped round DC, it was a very steady round though and not quick enough for a place
Still, very pleased with how he is coming along now after our hiccup a few months ago.
I was worried about jumping a 1.15 in the smaller ring and once again my nerves didnt help in the warmup, however i think we jumped a better round. However when we came round to the combination he just clipped the oxer on the way in and it fell
so once again finished on four faults.

Onto the last day and i was determind not to let my nerves get the better of me. Wester was first again in the 90cm, but walking the course really tested that resolution - they had a water tray which was open in the middle (wester has never seen anything like that before) as well as the cloud jump which is known for causing problems. He warmed up well again and in we went, jumping really well until the dreaded water.... i think i must f had a wobble, because poor wester wasnt quite sure what to do, and tried to jump into the water tray...
oops. Came round again and gave him a good kick to give him the idea and he sailed over it, fnishing the rest without any porblems... so another four faults (do you see a theme yet?)

Finally the last class of the weekend was another 1.15 with Arctic. I had hoped to do a 1.20, but with the way things were over the previous two days i decided it was best to stick at it. I took myself off before the start and spent some time settling my nerves and during the warm up i did the same...i think it worked because it al felt a bit more relaxed and natural. He jumped FAB, but just clipped the thrid fence - an upriht off the corner which i couldnt get him balanced too (a couple of changes of leg on the approached didnt help) hey ho, it felt great and i still took all the turns i had planned finishing on four faults.

So, i had a SERIOUS case of four faultitis this weekend, but they both jumped really well and im very proud.

Some pictures:

Wester in the grass ring:


Arctic on the second day:

Video of Arctic in the 1.15 on the last day:

Any CC welcome! Thanks for reading!

N xx


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25 June 2005
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The friend who grooms/helps me decided we did not need them and I trust her so went without. She does the worrying/decision making so I can concentrate on remembering the course and riding. Have to say it makes for a stress free time. Will not go anywhere this weekend as cannot manage without her and she is on hols