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14 August 2006
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Hi everyone, sorry i havent introduced myself yet.

Im looking for a change in career. im currently working in london at a media company. My temp contracts up so ive got to start looking. Ive worked around horses eg mucking out etc at an equestrian centre, but if i was to take another job around horses it would have to be something more stimulating.

Please can anyone help me as to what kind of different jobs there are out there, i know the usual type of thing such as mucking out, being a groom, riding instructer etc but i was thinking more along the lines of physio or the physical side of horses.

I need something that wont take too much training or something that i could start maybe as an apprentiship or somthing that i can work and study at the same time.
I know working around horses doesn't bring in much money but im sure here are jobs out there in the equestrian world that i wouldn't even know existed.

Please any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance


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21 June 2005
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The 'Equine Industry' is the second largest land based industry to farming so there are plenty of support industries to it.

To do Physio properly you would be best off doing a university based course. You could also consider equine dental technology. However if you prefer an office based job you could do a course in marketing and then specialise in equine marketing. What about the equine manufacturing/wholesale/retail industry that surrounds the feed, clothing and equipment?

The British Equine Traders Association publish a directory that lists all the industries and companies and organisations that support the equine industry. Why not buy a copy and see what you fancy?


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13 August 2006
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Another avenue to look at would be horse massaging, a friend of mine completed her course last year i thing it was about 6 months study most of which is learning the muscles and how they all join and work. she finds this really good as she is not based in one place but travelling all over. Most rewarding is seing a horse moving freely after being very tight or tense. She has had some very good results within the racing industry.