Where are my brave pants when i need them? Update!


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20 December 2012
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Bit of an update on my hard to back pony! Old Irish man came out and souent a bit of time helping me with him, with no sucess what so ever. So after having a tantrum/ threatening to sell him/ threatening to give up riding and seriously doubting my riding ability, I bit the bullet and paid for someone to get on him. So mr pro got on and and just rode him. Cob i think was somewhat shocked, aswell as utterly terrified, by this and a combination of stopping, shooting forward, almost sitting down ensued followed by quite a spectacular rear. But an hour and a half later I, yes ME!, was trotting a few steps on him on the end of the lunge. Now weve had a few days working on it with out mr pro, and although were still on the lunge were trotting tht whole of the long side!

Only problem now is i really need to find my brave pants because try as i might i just cannot put my leg on quite the same as mr pro to ride him through the little moments he has, which is making progress slow. Although this isnt a problem yet i think Cob may be a bit of a testing little pony especialy when his confidence grows so hopefuly the ability to pony club kick will have returned by then!

really chuffed after this week though and hopefuly we wont hit another brick wall anytime soon