Where do you keep your keys??


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23 August 2012
Separate car key, lock car. I use a lanyard, with key tucked tucked under jacket/tops/top of jods, anywhere it won' bounce around. No danger of being stabbed with mine as it is a plastic square where the key folds away.


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1 October 2005
New Zealand but from UK
While I'm riding I leave mine hidden in the car and leave the car open. I figure by the time they've closed up the trailer ramps and found the keys someone will have spotted them as I usually park up next to friends and only really go to small shows where I know most people.

If I'm having a wander, obviously I take them with me and do NOT leave them on the bonnet then spend an hour in a panic thinking I've dropped them frantically searching every bit of grass I've walked on until a friend spots them....not at all.....nope, never done that :eek:
My friend did that with her wallet at HOY one year - saved her a lot of money - she found it just below her windscreen wipers when she got back to the car.