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Where to find a loan horse?

8 January 2014
A friend has had a terrible time recently and to top it off her daughters fantastic dressage pony looks like it suffered a career ending injury. Money is very tight and the daughter is a very committed dressage rider who is competing at elementary so they are looking for a loan. It will have the absolute best of everything and horses live at home.

But with the horse market so crazy at the moment I don't even know where to look. Does anyone have any suggestions for good websites or contacts? We are based northeast but could travel for the right type.

Wish list:
15.2 and above for tall 13 year old
Kind to ride and preferably done dressage to similar level.
Lumps/bumps unimportant as long as sound

Any help VERY much appreciated!!!


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7 September 2004
You go older and manage soundness issues. That is how you will get something.

Word of mouth through trainers /BYRDS.