Where to look for a loan pony?

9 July 2021
Hi there,
I am trying to find a loan pony somewhere in Ireland for my 11 year old daughter but I'm not sure where to look. Maybe someone on here might have some suggestions I haven't thought of? :)
We have a lovely 12.2 starter pony, he's perfect in every way but sadly just too much of a kick-along to take her any further. I've promised my daughter we won't sell him (and will most likely look for a nice loan home for him), but I'm reluctant to buy another pony which she will outgrow in a couple of years in case we end up keeping that one too!
Local riding school is flat out with lessons and camps at the moment so no ponies to spare, and there's nothing advertised on Facebook, Done Deal etc. We're keeping a lookout in pony club for anything that might come up but it's not looking all that hopeful. Any and all suggestions would be very welcome!