Which Licence Should I Take- HGV Question...

Tinsel Trouble

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16 October 2009
Grantham (please don't judge me! originally from S
I am the proud owner of a horse box that I can't drive. I have my medical this afternoon so I can apply for my provisional. Tres Exciting!

I need to apply for an HGV class. What should I apply for? Should I go for the C1 (which would let me drive my box) or put my brave pants on and go for the full up C?

It's still a rigid vehicle test (I don't want to drive an artic or trailer) but how different is it test wise? And will I be able to get the full practise of handling a large box with only a 7.5t box to practise with?

All help (and decision making) gratefully received!


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16 November 2012
When I looked into it I was told by several training centres that if you just want a 7.5t then you can learn in a very large van with normal gears.
If you do full lgv then you learn in a bigger lorry with more complicated gears. Apparently it can take people a couple of days to get used to the gears.
They said that if your only ever going to want to drive a 7.5t then the 7.5t is easier than the full lgv.
I've done my medical and theory and have my practical booked for July.
ROG might be worth messaging.