Who knows what about strangles?? I have a few ?????'s


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19 June 2008
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A horse at a yard I'm working on is due to foal, the mare was due to go to the local stud to foal as we have no experience in it, very expensive horse and foal etc.....so, the stud requires a blood test before the horse can be accepted, the tests showed the mare is carrying strangles. Result been the mare will now foal down at home (whole other story!) the reason for this post is I'm not sure how this could effect my own neddies? Since we found out I have been having a shower and full change of clothes before I go to see my 4 horses when I get home from work.

The horse is a carrier, not showing any symtoms

Can it be passed from horse to horse via me? (On my hands, clothes etc)

Can she pass it on even though not showing any symtoms?

I have googled it but different people say totally different things!

All advice welcome


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5 September 2008
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Bit of a nightmare........
Horses can be strangles carriers and show no symptoms.
Stangles from those who have it is communicated by nose to nose contact.
Therefore if a yard over the way has it - it is unlikely to be airbourne. So don't worry unduly.
Stangles affects young horse more. Older horse might have it -and just show the symptoms of a 'heavy cold' and not get the abcess thing.
But then they can go on to have bastard strangles.....which was a killer for the pony I had, who got it......
They can have the whole blown abcess thing and make a full recovery (I have had that a couple of times too)
The full blown, in many ways is better, because you know they have it - you isolate them, they get over it, all is well. The horse / pony who has the heavy cold, heavy nasal discharge without the abcess, either has the secondary symptoms or goes on to be a carrier. Experience has also shown me that those who are flu jabbed - don't get the full symptoms - but are off colour / under performing for much longer.
Moral of the story, it is a horrid affliction, and do donate handsomely to the Animal Health Trust who are doing research into vaccinations etc. to try and control this.


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31 August 2008
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Yes you can pass it from horse to horse via you.

I think carrier can infect other horses even if not showing symptoms, not sure about this one though.

Carriers can get gluteral (sp) pouch wash out procedure done to stop them being carriers.

We had a strangles outbreak on yard few years ago, it was dreadful. My advice would be better safe than sorry with your own horses and carry on doing what you are doing. All horses on yard got scoped and we had three carriers, two of which had been on yard for years.