Will I Still Have My Appiontment?


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1 April 2008
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On Tuesday I spoke to my vet who very kindly passed on of his appointments onto another Vet so he could see my pony before he goes away on Monday. Now I have been penciled in for tomorrow at 10am but was meant to phone back yesterday and confirm this was ok. I have had so much on my mind I totally forgot until 6:02pm this evening phoned my vets straight away and it went to answer phone ( they closed at 6pm ) I couldn't leave a message on the practice line so phoned my Vet on his mobile and left a voice message explaining and that I was fine for tomorrow if it was still there for me to bring her over and that could he phone me first thing in the morning to confirm with me!

Do you think I will still be in for tomorrow morning at 10am as I was penciled in anyway? but haven't confirmed or canceled? I am such a twat I am going to phone first thing at 8am when they open to make sure as if I have really messed up and missed it then I need to cancel transport...

I can't believe I've done this