Winning the battle - slowly


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10 December 2008
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Some of you may have seen some of my posts about getting a very stubborn yellow (wee) stain out of my boy's leg in time for the BRC national championships at Hartpury on March 29th. I've finally found something that seems to be working:):):) It's not gone completely yet but the recent attempt with Aerial 3 in 1 liquitabs really seems to have faded it much more than anything else I've tried. Combined with the Supreme Products leg whitener and whitening spray I was recommended it was barely noticeable when I went to a local dressage competition at the weekend (where I was first in one class and second in the other:D) :):):):):):):):):)

We've got a new problem now though:( The seasonal aplopecia which affects his legs seems to be occurring all over his body this year so he has dark grey patches on his face, neck and bum which all look like dirty patches from a distance! I think I'm going to have to spray those white too! The irony is the hair on his legs has come back already so they're now ok but the rest of him looks really manky!