Wobbleberry challenge - HELP HORSE WANTED! West London

10 October 2017
Hi all

I would LOVE to do the "Wobbleberries Challenge" for the Hannah Francis Willberry Wonder Pony charity,.... but the major problem is that I do not own a horse! Can anyone give me any advice / suggestions on how I could go about finding a horse that I could do the challenge with???

Cancer research and osteosarcoma are causes close to my heart as I have worked on both since leaving uni and used to work for the charity Cancer Research UK. Horses and eventing are also close to my heart as I competed to Novice/ Int level eventing in my teens (plus PC and riding club dressage and SJ teams/ inc. getting to national champs), but have not been able to own a horse for years as I live in London with full on job and children!

I'm late 30's and live in West London, so I could ride in London, Surrey, near M40 / Buckinghamshire or Berkshire areas. Currently not working (mat leave), so could ride or have lessons during the day.

Of course, I would be happy to pay for use of the horse plus lessons to get me back into wobbleberry shape. Last week I walked the BE80 course at Weston Park and feel reasonably confident that with the help of a good horse and some training I would be capable of doing the challenge!

Please help - any advice appreciated - THANK YOU!!!