WOO HOO There are honest people in the world!


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30 July 2003
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Well Chance has had a month off with mctiminey/equissage to sort out his 'niggles'.
Some of his problems seemed to come from his saddle so I got a local saddle fitter out to check them.
I don't know about you guys but I'm very dubious of most people like this as I've had my fingers burnt before where I was told that the only way I could get a saddle to fit both me and my horse was with a made to measure.
Had my saddles checked and dressage fitted fine just needed a reflock, jumping saddle fitted him perfectly but was throwing me to the back of the saddle (cue aching backs on the part of horse & rider)
Tried about 1000 saddles with the saddle fitter
finally it looked like it was going to be another albion. Just as I was preparing to break the news to H, saddle fitter grinned at me and said "well if the Albion fits so will this one" he then pulled out a lovely saddle and it fitted the both of us. The price tag £600

I couldn't believe how honest the bloke was I was all set to fork out for the Albion and he saved me a good £400
He did say "if you really want an Albion have an Albion but this fits just as well and I'm happy to sell it to you"
Anyway he charged me £30 for reflocking my dressage saddle (and he took it away to the shop to do it properly and dropped it off for me so that he could check it again) and he must have spent 2 1/2 hours in total doing the saddle checks.
I'm amazed it isn't very often you get a service like that these days.