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30 July 2008
I have my two horses wormed on Verm-X, strongly recommended by several people including a vet nurse.

It is a all-in-1, but surely using it every time can make it ineffective?

If i was to chnage to a worming plan, what would you suggest? i have no idea where to start? Also, how much are the chemical wormers. The Verm-X is about £10 per horse.


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7 July 2005
The only way you will know if your worming plan is effective is to do faecal egg counts throughout the year. You need to do them at different times as adult worms will shed eggs at different times and in differnt quantities according to season. You will then need to worm accordingly. If you want to check for tapeworm you will need to get a blood test done by a vet.

Verm X does not need to have any scientific proof that it works as it is not a licenced medicine so bear that in mind. If you do faecal egg counts and regularly poo pick and rotate pasture you can reduce the amount of wormers you need to buy for your horse. I would recommend worming for encysted redworm and tapeworm as a minimum!

If you want a worming plan done, you can go to your local saddlers and speak to an SQP- they are qualified to do a worming plan! And should do it free of charge for you as well... Make sure they are qualified though...