Wound Care


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5 January 2013
Can anyone help me please? My horse came in from the field on wednesday night and I noticed she had dried blood down her leg just below her hock joint. The cut is about 3 cms long but not very deep. Looks like a kick. I cleaned it out and the next morning her leg was hot and swollen and she was stiff on it. I've been cold hosing and bandaging the legs at night to reduce the swelling and last night I put a hot poultice on but nothing came out. The swelling has gone and the wound looks really good but there is still a bit of warmth (although not as much as there was) compared to the other leg. She's not as stiff but not completely sound on that leg but she wasn't to start with so i'm not sure if it's due to the wound or her pre-existing issues : ( I'm supposed to be having a lungeing session with my trainer and I'm not sure whether to or not/whether I'm over-reacting - she's not had an injury like this before so I have no experience of dealing with things like this. Thanks!