Yard rent advice

25 January 2021
Heya, I am new to owning a yard and am wondering what people would expect to pay per month? The yard is based near Lambourn on the edge of the West Berkshire/Wiltshire border. It would be sole use apart from sharing with me and my 13'1 pony. They would have free rein to come and go any time of the day and do as they please...Just don't trash the place haha.

The yard consists of:
- 5 acres split into 3 paddocks (two 1 acres and one just under 3 acres).
- The boundary fencing is post and rail with post and electric fence for the inner fencing.
- 2 CCTV cameras that watch the main gate, stables and fields.
- There is a round pen with all weather surface.
- Miles of amazing hacking, you don't have to go on a single road.
- Grass school 20 by 40 meters.
- Stable block with 3 stables and a foaling box. I only use 1 stable normal sized stable.
- A small barn for secure storage for tack, feed and other bits (the size of 2 big stables).
- Hard standing in the yard area for muddy days
- Electric is provided by big batteries which are charged by solar panels. Every stable has a bright LED light, as well as the barn, the outside yard area and round pen.
- Each paddock has its own big metal trough and hay feeder.
- Water is for the yard is harvested from the roof of the stables, which is then filtered and stored in a water butt. Which has a tap.
- There is space for parking trailers, cars and horse lorries up to 7.5 ton.
- Dog friendly and secure, so they can be off lead. As long and poo is picked up.
- Finally there is a little tea room with a kettle tea, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks :)


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7 May 2011
I think if it’s sharing with the owner it isn’t sole use so you’ll attract a different kind of person/situation. That isn’t a good or a bad thing, it’s just a thing. You might have to charge on a per box basis rather than the yard as a whole for that reason. I think what you describe in Warwickshire is £35-45 per week per box