(Yet another) Proud mummy moment, with photos!


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31 August 2012
A Dark Room.
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So after a month of feeling like everything was going backwards for me and Tag, an awful show last month with some rude comments from the judge dismissing us from the showing discipline and telling me "not to bother showing him" we taken him to Festival Of Champions on Saturday. Apprehensive, defiantly. As soon as we got him off the trailer he was as cool as anything, excellent to work in but unfortunately my nerves get the better of me and let me (and him) down usually.
First class was the Ridden Ex-racehorse. Very strong class and some absolutely gorgeous horses, went absolutely brilliant on the right rein go round, but crossing the diagnol onto the other rein (and RIGHT infront of the judge) he threw his head up, tensed his bum and started doing a horrible staggery trot. Thankfully it only lasted for 2 strides or so and he went back to going well, then he picked up the wrong canter lead twice on the left rein (third time lucky! :eek:) and then he slipped in the corner and almost landed on his bottom but he trooped through it a continued with a lovely canter. However he did a brilliant individual show, couldn't fault him and he really strutted his stuff infront of the judge. We pulled in 3rd out of 6 which I am very happy with as I expected a much lower placing due to our little mess ups in the go round.

Nothing spectacular for the in-hand class. Very strong class and he is slightly under showing condition at the moment (but he's in the spring grass field now, woop!:D) but he pulled up 4th out of 8.

We've also never had sashes before even so I was apprehensive about them being put on but the judge persuaded me to try and he was absolutely fine. We have qualified for the Summer finals at Festival Of Champions, but a few weeks ago he also qualified for UK Showing and Blue Chip NW Showing Champs.

No ridden photos as of yet but here's some of him looking very pleased with himself after his classes! Not a bad result for only a year and a half of re-training :)