young horse jumping help


16 April 2014
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I bought my horse as a 4 year old . He had only hacked when I got him . So last year I spent schooling him and he's got a nice little jump on him . He's now nearly six and well I've had trouble with his behaviour but we have got over that . Basically as he's got older he's become very forward going and strong . So when we jump he now races towards it . I can never control his strides and he takes off too late . His canter is very erratic as well . He's ridden in a snaffle but I feel like I've lost his brakes ! I would just like to be able to ride him around a course in a nice controlled manner . Any tips I can try with him ?


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16 March 2008
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Hard to say without seeing really, do you have regular instruction?

Few things I'd be looking at first if it was mine,
Can he canter in a balanced manner with a soft rein and do basic lengthening and shortening?
What is he like trotting and cantering over poles on the floor?
Have you tried trotting in and having a placing pole to help him find the right take off spot?