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Meowy Catkin

19 July 2010
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I've tried to join a Zebra Finch specific forum, but I haven't been approved yet, so I thought I try here incase there's a finch expert about.

My Mum has a pair of ZF's that are experienced breeders but sadly the hen has died this morning and they have young chicks at the moment. Will the male be able to bring up the chicks on his own? Is there anything that she can do, or is it just a case of waiting to see if they survive with only one parent?


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4 April 2012
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Oh that's good news. I remember when I was a little girl (many many years ago) my mum bred fancy coloured budgies. She was so excited when one special pair hatched a clutch of chicks. Sadly they were so in love with each other, they wouldn't rear them. After watching all but two die, my mum removed them, put them in babies booties nailed on wooden beam above the aga and sat chewing bird seed herself, then fed it to chicks from the end of a matchstick. One died but the other grew into a fine prize winning bird.
Good luck with yours, hope dad manages to rear them.