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    My horse won't canter

    I echo others on here. Perhaps there is something causing some discomfort and this may not be immediately obvious. For example, there could be an issue with a lower limb that is making the horse unwilling to take the weight require to change the gait.
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    Career in Dressage?

    I would say if you have a trainable horse and a trainer who can support you, getting to the advanced levels is very achievable. However, for the Grand Prix work the horses do have to be put together in a particular way which makes the higher collection easier for them. That is not to say that...
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    Milk Indicators?

    Who uses these and where did you buy them from? Non of my broodmares set off the foaling alarms (they are all cool customers) so it ends up me checking them every hour and a half on the cameras. Obviously, this is still something that will be done but I was wondering whether these milk...
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    State Premium Mare - Nobody wants her?

    I was looking for a dressage broodmare to add to my programme but I was wary about loaning because at any point the owner can request for the horse back subject to one months notice. I was fortunate enough to find a lovely mare who was sold to me for £1 to transfer ownership and she is now...
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    North West People... 60 x 20m indoor arenas???

    Thank you for the suggestions... It just has to be minimum that size. We are looking between Lancashire and Cheshire.
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    Foaling cameras

    I have cameras that are set up to attach to my mobile, therefore I can keep my eye on the girls where ever I may be. They were invaluable this year as I had a difficult foaling and I could see exactly what time she started to go into labour so we knew how much time we had. So I would say one...
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    Please tell me Homozygous black stallions!!

    I have a Royal of Loh mare in foal to him this year, I really like what he produces. He did the final Young Horse class as a 4 or 5 year old so very talented.
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    North West People... 60 x 20m indoor arenas???

    I am looking for a 60 x 20m indoor arena to hire. The surface must be good, but other than that I am open to suggestions.
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    Please tell me Homozygous black stallions!!

    Vince UDH... He is Gribaldi x Hofrat and stands in the UK.
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    Weymouth for a horse with a very fleshy mouth

    I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions for a weymouth I could try on my mare that has a very fleshy mouth. She currently has the NS Verbibend and the NS Warmblood Weymouth, but I am just a bit concerned that the weymouth does seem to sit on the bars of her mouth. What I am...
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    Cheval Liberte Stables... HELP!!!

    The problem is still continuing to cause upset and stress... We ordered these in July and have still not received all products ordered!
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    Annular Ligament Operation - experiences or information?

    Thank you guys, I just cannot find that much on the internet about the operation or case studies. I will keep looking!
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    Cheval Liberte Stables... HELP!!!

    The problem is still on going... We had 12 of the stables delivered, but two were still outstanding. The final two arrived this morning and have been fitted, but the paint finish is different to the other 12! So we are still not finished and signed off!
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    Annular Ligament Operation - experiences or information?

    No, I don't think it is the same horse... But you never know! I will have a read of that and print it out for her.
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    Sedalin for stallions?

    I was just wondering if anyone used Sedalin or something similar for their stallions? My boy needs clipping and he is so ticklish that he is a complete fidget so I thought it would be better if we just took the edge off him when we clipped him to avoid me chopping bits off that should not be...