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    This hasn’t gone down well...

    I can only see a handful of comments too...
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    Long leather boots - recommendations

    Properly flat top for showing? If so Regents are the only ones I can think of in that budget (sure there are more)
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    EHV 1 Outbreak

    Worrying but inevitable sadly :(
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    Buying safety wear

    My CO's were in bags & boxes, when they bought out another brand for me to try one (Gatehouse IIRC) they were in more structured hat bags and didn't seem to be boxed.
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    2 year old horse for sale

    For competition purposes it's 1st Jan, not passported DOB.
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    Ears ....

    I use as fly veils, mine gets upset about flies around his ears. The ones I have are matchy but I don't use them as matchy - only in summer when needed.
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    Tack room space

    So variable: Yard 1: Massive storage sheds, YO didn't mark them out so it was a land grab exercise every time someone left. When I left after 3 years I had masses of space Yard 2: Tack room was a saddle/bridle hook, space outside stables took my tack locker and one of those green gardening...
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    Breeches, jods or tights?

    I'm breeches or tights all the way, can't stand jods personally. I'd probably say I slightly prefer breeches to tights as I'm quite hippy and it's a bit of a fight getting the waistband up - once on they're fine, but as an example I have some Pikeur winter tights that I've damaged the elastic...
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    Savings/building society

    Premium bonds - money can be out with 2/3 days notice and I've won way more in a year than I would have gained in any interest paying account
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    Cost of 5 stage vetting

    I paid about £275 13/14 years ago - I'm surprised some of you can still get one for that now!
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    Viewing a horse

    Sorry, I absolutely meant England - I've edited post now. What a moron!
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    Viewing a horse

    The stay at home order in ENGLAND ends on Monday - no idea on Welsh rules however
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    Advice needed !!

    Unaff. SJ usually pretty much anything goes tbh. Blingy collar is fine. If white jods then I think white shirt works best but also a light blue maybe?
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    Which clippers?

    I have the Masterclip Ranger (which IIRC is the wired version of the Hunter?) and would recommend them all day long. Mine are quite noisy but they are about 8 years old, the newer version is much less bulky but I haven't heard them running - I suspect they will have improved the noise too.
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    Question on Head Cams

    You need something mounted with a trigger button you can keep in your hand - kind of like you have with a selfie stick but without the stick part