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    Looking for some help/advice

    Riding schools often do 'own your pony for a day' during school holidays which is a good introduction to husbandry side of things. Other than that a more specific location would be useful as facilities will vary from area to area. Edited to add I learned a lot of the theory from books before I...
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    Think its time

    Thinking of you PL. Tough times ☹️
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    Switching to in during the day in the summer?

    Mine go out around 11pm and are back in at 9ish. They snooze until lunchtime then get a net of soaked hay. Neither are in work at the moment. My Arab is spot on weight wise and the fat pony who lives on fresh air is only slightly plumper than I'd like
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    How much for muck heap removal?

    Two big tubs of sweeties once or twice a year (or a couple of big boxes of biscuits) I never ask for it to be removed but the muck heap fairies arrive when it suits them and sometimes it just disappears when I'm out 😂 I make sure that the thank you arrives promptly!
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    Bathing your I the only one that doesn't?

    I'll see your never bathing your dog and raise you never having bathed or groomed mine, in fact I don't even own a brush 🤣 It's bonus of owning a very short haired Dalmatian which sheds gently but continuously year round, the downside is Dali 'glitter' which gets everywhere and seems to get...
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    How much weight to lose before I can ride

    Just highlighting this research shared by ozpoz so it doesn't get lost. Well worth a read and with very clear results. Likewise I'm not wishing to shame anyone especially not the OP who has done fantastically well in losing so much weight and is clearly aware of potential issues and looking for...
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    Fat to fit transformation (horse)

    Great job! Bet she feels 100 times better. As the owner of a small greedy native pony I know how much hard work goes into getting them to a reasonable weight and keeping them there!
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    Laminitis and subsequent complications

    I'm sorry you're going through this. You know your horse and clearly have their best interest at heart. From your post it is clear that you will be making your decision based on what you feel is best for them and you should feel supported in that. I think some younger vets seem to have been...
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    Hoof soft tissue injuries

    Yes horse coming back from 4 months off due to broken splint and suspensory damage from a kick. Didn't come sound blocks showed that injury fine and pain blocked to navicular area. X-rays showed nothing. Didn't MRI as it wasn't going to change the treatment plan. Shoes were off for x-ray delay...
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    Heavy native fitness training suggestions

    Basically exactly what Red said, though I would also add I find native/heavy/colder blood types also take much longer to gain speed and endurance fitness. So I wouldn't necessarily expect them to be able to keep up with a fitness program designed for eventers which would normally have a higher...
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    Nothing ventured !

    Some excellent replies already. As someone who worked professionally from their late 20s to mid 30s riding and caring from horses I can tell you it's very physically demanding, often for low pay. Grooming professionally is not like looking after horses as a hobby. You've standards to meet, a...
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    Chipping to hoof wall

    What Gloi said. I'd be more concerned over the event lines than the chips.
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    Oh Lord what would you do?

    I'm so sorry to hear what a dreadful time you're having. I lost an arthritic oldie to an abscess too. It seems such a silly thing to lose them over but looking back I know I made the right decision and I'm sure you will too. Doesn't make it any less hard losing them though. I hope life turns a...
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    Advice please

    Having had a beloved oldie put to sleep I know tomorrow will be hard for you. I look back now and know I did the kindest act and I'm sure you will feel the same in time. Wishing you both peace for tomorrow.
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    Laminitis with no improvement

    I'm so very sorry. Thinking of you