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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Great, thanks ROG! Yes a trip to a weighbridge PLUS even more incentive to keep the Horse on a permanent diet!
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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Hi ROG, please can I have your expert blessing for the following combination...? - B driving licence only - Ford Kuga (2019 1.5 ecoboost zetec 2WD badge power 150hp) - GWM: 2100, gross train mass: 4100, kerb weight: 1579, mass towable mass: 2000...
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    Kim Jong Un - where's the girth?!

    Any ideas how this saddle is staying on!?
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    Jumping saddles - knee blocks positioning

    Just had a look and I don’t unfortunately - just a few mid-jump pro photos that shocked me with my lower leg and I’m not sure I’m brave enough to put on the forum 😂
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    Jumping saddles - knee blocks positioning

    Thanks everyone. Sounds like probably not a simple fix with the blocks then! The tekna is great as it’s fully adjustable and has so far managed to fit every horse I’ve had with a bit of flocking/gullet changes (by a saddler, not just me) but it sounds like it’s not really doing any favours...
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    Jumping saddles - knee blocks positioning

    Hello knowledgeable people. I have two jumping saddles; a barnsby close contact one (like this: ) and a cheapy Tekna adjustable one (like this...
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    Transport Exeter to Herts - any ideas?

    Hi all, Any suggestions of a good, safe transport company to get a horse from Exeter to Herts next weekend? I have my own transport but it would be a 7 hour round trip, my van has recently had a breakdown and I'm worried I would find it all a bit too stressful doing it by myself with a new...
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    SJ Course Hire - somewhere in/nr Herts

    All, Anyone know of any SJ courses (ideally with lots of nice scary fillers!) that would be available for hire over a weekend (19th-20th), ideally somewhere within an hour;'s drive of Edgeware, north London? Amy
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    Coloured XC tape - could someone tell me the website?

    if you want to go really out-there....
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    Someone posted about a website 'Abler'

    I've been looking into all the options recently. Abler is certainly on my option list, but the FDA issued a warning about it (and others) back in 2014: Basically they are saying that it's not officially approved, and...
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    Badly Cracked Hooves... what to do?

    I have a retired mare who lives out 24/7 in a field with 7-8 other retired horses. They are checked 2x per day by the staff but are generally left in peace to be ornamental lawnmowers. I pop in every now and then to deliver treats and scratches and have always been pleased that my mare is...
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    Renovating/installing a 3.5t horsebox interior - South East

    Does anyone have any suggestions of where i could take my 3.5t box for a renovation over the winter? I've just had to replace the entire engine and so now it has a brand spanking new engine in it, I can justify tarting up the inside. (and respraying the outside, but i have a guy for that) I...
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    Blenheim Fun Rider - photographer?

    Anyone know who the photographers were at the Blenheim fund ride yesterday?? The stand was white with red and black on it, thats all i can remember! eta: sorry about the typo in title - should say Ride not Rider!