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    Boy bunny neutering

    Thats fab thanks - I've got a plentiful supply of metacomet and emeprid from my previous rabbit, but hopefully I won't need them.
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    Boy bunny neutering

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    Boy bunny neutering

    Pippin is booked in for his op soon (he's 6 months old now) I've got a few questions - if anyone can help please? He has a 2 storey hutch - is this ok or should he be on one level? (there is a 3 inch drop from the hutch into the run too). I've been asked to take a packed lunch for him - he...
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    Schnauzer..really bad news .

    I"m so sorry @Bellasophia - its awful to be given such news, and then to have the vet deny you PTS is appalling. The vet should respect your decision and want to alleviate any suffering - I hope you get a better response next week. Thinking of you and your lovely Robin xxx
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    Rabbit food

    I've always fed Science Selective, when I first got my Alfred I fed him excel but it was too rich for him, so swapped to SS which is higher in fibre and he did really well on those. I did try the A&P for a while but he wasn't keen. So have stuck with SS since, although I'd recently switched...
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    RIP puss cat Zak

    So very sorry to hear this - always loved his pictures. Thinking of you all xxx
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    Rabbits and Stasis

    Thank you both - that's really helpful. I've now registered him with another practice that's listed on the RWAF site so fingers crossed.
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    Rabbits and Stasis

    I took Pippin for his vaccinations last night - we went to a different practice as the previous one wasn't very disabled friendly. I asked the vet how much metaclopromide he should have in the event of stasis, I was quite surprised when he said if they get stasis just to bring them inside and...
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I'm so so sorry, that is such an awful shock and words can't describe it. Thinking of you xxx PS sorry don't visit Tack room very often so only just seen this
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    Little Miss Weimy is here!

    Pippin is doing very well thank you - although the lounge is now known as bunny alcatraz, as the bunny proofing has had to be ramped up due to him being so tiny (he had a dog crate at first and managed to squeeze through the bars!). Beautiful pics of Jessie - she looks like a wonderful person...
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    Little Miss Weimy is here!

    Just checked AAD to see if there was any news on puppy and she's here! Freya is just beautiful!!! and the gremkitties are just gorgeous. Please keep the pics coming :) Hope Mr P is ok again after giving you such a scare xxx
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    Pictures Filly is here!

    Absolutely stunning - arabs are so wonderful.
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    Treeless.... fitting a Torsion to a pony (and is it ok to stuff the pommel?)

    I also took the fixed pommel out of a barefoot and stuffed it with soft toy filling - it was fine.
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    Feeding younger rabbits

    Fab thanks - have ordered that one :)
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    Feeding younger rabbits

    I can't seem to find it on Amazon - have you got a link please?