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    How long is the minimum for loaning?

    I loaned a horse for 5 months once… I was at uni but was going abroad in 6 months , the loaner was pregnant and wanted her horse keptt in work til the birth … worked really well
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    Haylage recommended from Cheshire/Derbyshire/Staffs?

    somerford 2nd cut? Is that all rye?
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    Do we over clip our horses

    My cobs are clipped out … look a bloody sight if not — i dind it much easier to keep them clean and in work Without having to stress about getting them presentable and dry. Everything else gets a hunter clip. Clipping and rugging is just so much easier to manage in my opinion
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    Breast reduction

    how painful would it be to ride without a bra … im all for taking it off when i get home but ouch
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    Breast reduction

    when your boobs are so big compared to your band size its very difficult to get a bra that doesnt cause rubbing under your arms … when i was skinny i was a 30 I — difficult to find and the cups end up under your arms unless you are very careful about makes and then you can look like you have a...
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    PTS a feral pony - best way?

    This thread explains why we have a welfare problem in this country with horses . The OP is taking responsibility for someone elses problem and trying to organise as humane a PTS for a dangerous animal as is possible. The criticism is well out of order but the stigma attached to a responsible...
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    Muscle wastage hind limbs / quarters

    I have an ish who is changing shape very quickly … muscle is just dropping off his back end (i have purely field ornaments with much more muscle than he has. ) he is basically a field ornament due to an intermittent lameness issue in his hocks which has been investigated injected and is...
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    Unsettled Mare

    Basically with all the criteria that cant be changed it is essentially cruel to this horse. Its obvious what she needs, and she cant be put out of her misery by being pts… its the horse therefore that suffers and im sure this is the last thing the person who died would have wanted. The answer is...
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    Breasts the size of footballs!

    Not cheap but under wired prima donna sports bra - amazing … i am 34 i and it keeps the girls still but still separate
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    Weight of rugs

    I hate liners so have a range of rugs from 0 g to 350g generally tho i use the 0 and 200g the most on my fully clipped heavy weight cob. I use almost exclusively horseware rugs as i find they fit well and last for ever even in horses that are rug wreckers
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    Paracetamol as a pain killer for horses

    Paracetamol is not a crap pain killer when used along side other analgesics … many studies show it can halve the amount of opiates/ opiods needed in severe pain … thats pretty good in my book oh and iv paracetamol is as effective as 10 mg morphine in bone fractures
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    Worm count confusion

    Just got worm counts back on my 4 horses that share the same grazing… 3 are zero or very low the 4th is high (was low 8 weeks ago) obviously the 4th needs worming but would you do the others as well??
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    Are more expensive hats worth the money?

    Its not a case of protection or fashion at the higher price point, its both … they have the standards but also the bespoke colours etc… you pay your money and takes you choice
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    Are more expensive hats worth the money?

    it depends on your budget of course, some people spend that on a hand bag… it’s just fashion at that price…
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    Horsebox Manufacturer - Personal Recommendations?

    I have - 7.5 t kevin parker its a great box - love it