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    Knee support recommendations?

    See a physio, maybe targeted exercise will help. At the very least they will recommend an appropriate support if needed. ETA like Mijods, another ‘inside out’ suggestion.
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    Riding Everyday - Too much?

    Sounds pretty much like my routine. If we do more than usual he might have the next day off, but otherwise I ride most days.
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    So - If horse riding was banned......

    She is not in charge of this country. We elect a government (good or bad) to do that.
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    So - If horse riding was banned......

    If you don’t have your own land, where would you keep your horse. Surely livery yards would no longer exist?
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    So - If horse riding was banned......

    I wouldn’t keep a horse if I couldn’t ride.
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    Loans and permanent injuries

    Unless there is a contract in place which sets out who is responsible for what, l think the owner would have to accept that it is their responsibility to deal with the consequences.
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    We have rain!

    I don't think it will make it to suffolk 🥵😭😱
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    Parking charges.

    We have a country park near us that has recently introduced similar charges. So now people park all along the narrow road through the middle. It’s a wildlife trust park, not council, so I do see they have to raise money somehow, but it’s not ideal.
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    Tell me about modern stirrup irons please

    I have acavello stirrups and love them. They have grippy treads and a quick release side for safety.
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    Would you be annoyed?

    Give him a ring?
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    No. I was pointing out there are more reasons than commodity or pet for owning a horse. Who knows what your reasons are.
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    Dressage Diagrams not allowing me in!

    I just checked my account, haven’t used it in 3 years or more. Works ok for me, I can still see my portfolio.
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    There’s a huge space between commodity and pet. Plenty of reasons for owning a horse.
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    At what point do you accept your horse/pony is just too old to do what you want it to do?

    I agree it’s hard for liveries. It’s easy to say ‘chuck him out and let him end his years in the field’ if you own such fields. Otherwise it is usually give up riding altogether as few can afford livery for 2. Some people have the resources to retire, others see their horses as pets, which is...