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    Pet cow 🐄

    Cant resist answering - I love my cows , and have 24 , none of which will end at an abbatoir. Essentially they are pets , even though they kind of pay for themselves with a beef calf every year. I think its quite amusing that some of the disadvantages pointed out - big animals, poach fields ...
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    Calling all Horse Owners!

    Hard to put an average working hours total- in summer light hacking only, but hunting once a winter in winter
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    Feeling bitter and twisted!

    An interesting thread . Seeing me as an adult , married to a horseman/farmer, it would look like I had all the advantages. However, as a child I was one of the bitter twisted ones - no pony , despite living on a smallholding , not allowed riding lessons , and just yearning to ride or even just...
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    Keeping 4 Horses Altogether

    They will be much happier together .When did individual turnout become preferable to a herd life?
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    5 year old - not cut out for ridden work?

    Sounds very like the story of a horse we had -a so called unbacked 3 yr old turned out to be a 4 yr old 'broken' in every possible way . This of horse yours sounds as is he is in pain, or had terrible experiences being backed. Vet is the only option , looking at every part of his body. [ Our...
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    Our yearling is 14 3, we expect her to make 16hh [ we have full sibling and she was around this height at a year old] Take a string from the point of her elbow, run it down the leg to her fetlock joint. Mark that length, keep other end on the elbow then turn string 180 degrees to upright , that...
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    Letting novice friend ride my horses???

    I was told 'Everything you do is either training or untraining your horse'. I have lived by that ; yes, I have given friends or their children a plod out at times, on a safe horse , and at one time was getting over generous with one friend , and it started turning into 'untraining' pretty...
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    Showing coloureds

    Show natural; trimmed as a D. I see she is on the trad , unlike my welsh d x trad , [pictured left] who is lighter than many full d s. Is she by a welsh out of trad mare ? My first of this cross was this way round and he was similar in build to yours, the sweetest horse I ve ever had. My second...
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    Over 55 and being great

    I m 65 , O H is 70. We continue to enjoy our horses and stay active. We ride together most days - he s still schooling young horses and competing them, and hunting the little horse in my avatar. I only hack now [ hip seized up] but we also show youngstock , and we have no intentions of...
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    Reviving old stiff leather

    Oz is the person you need - I think he is 'cremedemonthe' . I now make his recipe and use for everything from show tack to grandfathers harness. It takes a bit of elbow grease to work it in , but it is brilliant.
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    Pony is starting to bite

    One question the OP asks is why the dog training methods arent working for horses. They are two very different species for a start! IMHO- and I think this would be the same for wild or domesticated : the bitch might bring food for a reward to her pups , or at least have control over the food...
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    Sacroiliac injuries

    I m another with an unsuccessful outcome. Injury had been caused before we purchased , and to cut a long dismal story short , a years rehabbing costing much £ , and still a pts at the end. Sacro iliac injuries are the worst.......
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    Photos that show a horse's personality

    From plod to super charged! The hunting field has been my girl s utter delight.
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    How much is a nice temperament cob going to cost?

    To find one with the right temperament , backed and brought on well so the horse is safe and 'quirk free' - not an easy task . You may have to compromise to get the 100% sane and safe one ; it might not be a sporty model . There are some top show cobs tht would be right , but the price rises...
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    Viewing horse - questions to ask

    Always interesting to ask ' what is the worst thing he has ever done?' [ throws vendors sometimes!] Also, as its winter , ask re sweet itch, head shaking and other issues that may arise in summertime.