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    Cartrophen injecction experience

    Worked wonders for my pony's arthritis! Made a massive difference. We have the vet out to administer it as she likes to see how he is.
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    Nick Turner-Lessons

    Evening all, does anyone know if Nick Turner does individual lessons? Can only seem to find clinic dates on his website! TIA :)
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    BS Ticket query.

    Brilliant thank you!
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    BS Ticket query.

    Can a junior compete in senior classes on a ticket? Thanks in advance! :)
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    Which Eventing XC boots do you use?

    I use the PE ones and I really like them! They haven't slipped or rubbed with mine. :)
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    Brilliant, just Brilliant!

    This is just brilliant! :D
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    Maria Jarvis ~ Instructor

    Has anyone had an instructor called Maria Jarvis? Just wondering as BE seem to have a lot of clinics with her and wondering how she is and what is her experience? Thanks in advance.
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    Things I love about winter

    Clipping is one of my favourite things about winter, I love it! :)
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    Horsey books

    Training the event horse by Virginia Leng. Found it a lovely and informative read!
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    Best Winter Riding Coat

    I found a coat from Tally Ho Polo and it's the warmest thing I've found in a long time!
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    Pony swinging right hind leg under in walk and trot.

    My pony has just started to swing his right hind leG underneath him in walk and trot. We think he has slipped in the field and pulled something does anyone else have any suggestions?
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    Body protector and hat recommendations needed please

    For BP I have an Airpower Outlyne which I can't feel once I'm riding.
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    Close Contact Fur Numnahs??

    Have you tried Numed? Worth checking out although I think their fur lined ones are around £60.
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    what 10 things..........................

    1)One particular wheely bin out on hacks. Fine with any others. 2)People moving in the distance. Thats fun when out eventing. :) 3)Fence judges, they will eat him. 4)One particular corner of a road we go along every time we hack! 5)Clippers - they will eat him. 6)Jumps he is not jumping...
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    Advice on spurs for jumping

    I think if your trainers say to try them then try them. I have also recently been schooling my boy over xc and sj jumps with a schooling whip because of him backing off and the spurs seem to do no difference to him and he is really starting to take me into the fences so maybe also try the...